"Taking a Break", 24"x 30", Oil
"Motherhood", 12"x 12", Oil
"A Veteran's Tribute", 24"x 30".,Oil

"Anna", 18"x 24", Oil

"Silent Footsteps", 16"x 20", Oil
"Ha Ha Tonka Sunset", 16"x 20", Oil
"Apples and Lace", 9"x 12", Soft Pastel****Sold****
"Life and Lace", 9"x 12", Soft Pastel****Sold****

"Wine and Roses", 12"x 17", Soft Pastel

"Bearcreek Winter", 9"x 12", Soft Pastel***Sold***

"Bearcreek Summer", Soft Pastel, personal collection

"Country Sunset",  24"x 30", Oil

"Forlorn Feline", 5"x 5", Soft Pastel, ****Sold****

"Flash Dancers", 16"x 24", Soft Pastel****Sold****

"Black Beauty" 8"x 10", private collection

"Reflective", 24"x 30", Oil

"Dream Dancer", 24"x 30", Oil

8"x 10", Oil
"Misty Morning Marina", 8"x 10", Oil
"Abby", 8"x 11", graphite, personal collection
"Apple Basket", 16"x 20", Oil, Private Collection

"Excitation", 20"x 66", Oil

"Early at ArtsFest", 24"x 36", Oil

"Robert",  8"x 12", graphite, Personal collection

"Siesta", 24"x 36", Watercolor, Personal collection

"Lazy Daze", 24"x 30", Oil
"China Rose", 9"x 12", Soft Pastel****Sold***

"Copper Vase", 8"x 10", Oil

"European Teapot", 8"x 10", Oil
"Tulip Splendor", 20"x 24" Oil****Sold****

"Tulips", 16"x 20", Oil,   Private Collection

"Wine Reflections", 9"x 12", Oil, Available Bill Wood's Art Center
"Country Barn", 8"x 10", Oil on panel

"Favorite Crossing", 8"x 10", Oil on panel

"Rock Gazebo", 8"x 10", Oil on panel

"Make a Wish", 8"x 10", Oil

" Color of Spring Waters",  8"x 10", Oil  **Sold**

"Historic Crossing", 8"x 10", Oil


"Early Morning Flight", 8"x 10", Oil

"Lover's Lane", 8"x 10", Oil

"Early Morning Reflections", 8"x 10", Oil

"Nice Little Stroll", 8"x 10", Oil

"Spring Colors", 8"x10", Oil

"Spring Waters", 8"x 10", Oil
"Rocky Mtn. Color", 9"x 12", Soft Pastel

"Majestic Monarch", 8"x 10", Oil

"Sunset Fire", 8"x 16", Oil
"Historic Beauties", 24"x 36", Oil

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