Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer is starting to come to a close. Most area schools are in session, so campers are getting far and few between. August was another hot one, so it's nice to now have a few nights in the 60's. Our little campsite is quiet and calm on these slow evenings. Only noise is the locust, occasional bird and rustling of the armadillo rooting in the front lawn. (darn rascal!) As I take Tilly, our dog, for a walk, I'm thinking to myself that we're pretty darn lucky to live here, and I should appreciate it more. We could still be living in the rat race of the big city. I don't EVEN want to think about that.
I have a small plein air painting I need to post, but I'll have to do it later. It's on my website now, and facebook. I'm hoping to paint again on Thursday with De and Cheryl. The big questions is always, "where".
We have one big weekend next week, and then our Summer job is about over. It's been a pretty good season with nice folks and happy campers. That makes our job SO much easier. So take care, until next time.

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