Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Flowing Colors"
Plein air Oil painting, Rocky Mountain National Park. 
8"x10".    I hiked a little ways down Cub Lake trail-head to paint this.    Just as I was setting up, a huge bull elk came waltzing by.    I could hardly breath, my heart was beating so fast.    He wasn't impressed by me, so went on his way.    You will see a little glimpse of him in the video.    He seemed a lot closer......ha.     I'll upload the finished photo to my website when I it's done.    Just have a couple things to touch up, as it got a little smudged on the flight home.     The park was wonderful, although I hate to see the many trees dying from a "pine beetle" damage.     I guess that is natures way, but still hate it. 

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