Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Taking a Break", 24"x 30".

"Simpler Times"    I've had this series in mind for quite a while.    This is the first of that theme.     The old meaning of a well know saying, "sitting on his ass".    Or a nicer saying of  "sitting on his mule".    Mules were important workers on the family farms of old times, and still are on a few farms of today.    I'm really impressed by this young riders relaxed demeanor.......not a care in the world.   This is a pictorial of my fathers youth at about age 14, so it's a special moment in time and history.    As well as a reminder of simpler times.    I have a few more details to add, then it will be finished, signed, and titled.      The size is: 24" x 30", on gallery wrapped canvas.     

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