Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Winter Sunset", a view from my front porch.......(c)copyright
I was feeling a little down this week.....But how can I when I see such a pretty sight from my front porch, and then remember all my wonderful blessings.    My family are all well and excited to be heading to St.Louis for the State Finals this week, Football Class 2.   My grandson, Todd's team, Lamar H.S., Missouri, is hoping for it's 3rd State championship in a row.    Todd is the main kicker, and only a sophomore, so we're pretty proud of him.    
I'm working on a "One person show" in January, and another show in February, but that's on hold until after Thanksgiving.    In the meantime, "Happy Thanksgiving"  and many blessings to my family and followers.    Hugs, Susan

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