Sunday, May 4, 2014

I put on my first "Art Talk" last week in front of an Art club of strangers,( except for Bill Woods).    When Bill first asked me a couple months first inclination was to say......uh, sorry I'm too busy, or some such baloney.    But like a lot of things, deep down I knew it would be good for me to confront my fears, bite the bullet and say, "okay I'll be there."    After conferring with a friend and Bill, it was decided I would tell about my decision to paint a series to honor, Bob, and other Vietnam Vets who have died or were dying from causes of Agent Orange.    In other words, how it was basically grief therapy for my soul and also a wake-up call for other Vietnam vets.    

One worry for the evening was for me to break down while speaking on such an emotional subject.   I didn't want to be a downer.    I decided to not show the paintings until I had told about myself and had told them a couple stories about myself, that happened to be a little funny.... Then since I was not going to do a painting demonstration, I would read some inspirational art quotes.........which then led to the quote about conveying emotion though painting, when you can't find the words.  

Bill then held up each painting as I explained the inspiration and references for each one.    Thankfully I made it though unscathed, and afterwards many club members thanked me for coming and for my touching story.    Mom and I stayed and visited with the members and enjoyed refreshments.    I thank them for inviting me to come.    They have a great group of folks, who just happen to be artists.    If you live in the area, check out the Brush and Palette Art club, though Bill Wood's Art Center, Camdenton, MO.    
Bill on the left in front of shop.

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