Monday, July 7, 2014

"Ready for Action", 8"x 10", Oil
We've been blessed with wonderful, cool weather for July, so
Cheryl Coen and I went out painting last Thursday.   We decided to stay fairly close to home and started the day painting at the marina at Orlean's Trail, on Lake Stockton.     Then after lunch at the Emporium,  we headed North out of Stockton to an old mill site, Caplinger Mills, on the Sac River, which runs down from the Stockton Lake Dam.    The Sac River is the main feed into the lake.    It didn't take but a few months for it to fill the new Lake Stockton in 1970. 
There's an old building remaining at the East end of the Historic
"Graffitti", 8"x 10", Oil 
bridge at Caplinger.   I'm curious to know what the building was used for.    I believe the main mill was on the opposite side of the river, but was destroyed many years ago in a fire.    I liked the shadows falling on the side of the building and was intrigued by the graffitti.   Some left by young lovers, Superman, Clark Kent and even Kilroy (had been there).   LOL    My son later told me he had also signed the wall somewhere, many years ago.......

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