Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Madison", 11"x 14", Oil, Painted from life

I finished a 3 day figurative workshop yesterday with Adam Clague, from Kansas City, MO.    A very talented young man.    It was great fun, but extremely exhausting to concentrate that intensely all day.    I'm not used to it.    This pretty young girl, is Madison.    A first time model, she did great.   It's not as easy as you think to sit perfectly still for 20 minutes straight.   I don't think I could handle it.    We did a study from a model each day.    With Adam's help, this was the best of my three.    I'll do a little clean up on this, and I think I will leave the background basically the same.    I may mute down the green cloth a little more.    Thanks to Adam and his wife Andrea, the Visual Art Alliance of Springfield, MO and Alicia Farris, Paula Moore and Desiree Young

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