Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Royal Blue", 8"x 10", Oil painted from life.

This is a still life I painted about a week ago in my newly lit studio.   My friend Cheryl came over and we painted for the morning and then had lunch.      It's good to get together with friends after being stuck in the house because of the cold and snow.    A little cabin fever setting in I think.     I also entered 3 paintings into a juried show last week.   I should find out if they are accepted or not in the next couple days.     Then the end of the week I have 5 paintings to take to a show in Springfield at the Drury University gallery.    It's an honor to be INVITED to bring my paintings to a show, instead of doing all the work of entering.    The weather is not looking real good for the week.    I hope it's not too darn cold the day I have to carry the 5 paintings to the gallery door.    Last year my grandson, Levi, and I about froze carrying paintings two blocks, in downtown Springfield.   More about that show in the next post.

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