Friday, April 24, 2015

"Cry me a River!"...............just kidding.    Although disappointed, "Summertime",
"Summertime", 36"x 48", Oil
didn't get into the airport show this summer.   Bummer!    Now what?   At least I will have time to let it set a while and see if it needs any other touches.    In the meantime I'm looking forward to a trip to Atlanta, GA for the Portrait Society conference next week.   And  also to stop by Billy's (my bro) in Birmingham.   I've never been to an art conference before, so I'm hoping to learn a lot and to meet some wonderful artists that I admire.    I'll probably post some photos of the conference on my Facebook page as it progresses.    Here is another version of "Summertime",  although I touched it up a little more since this photo.  

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