Monday, April 13, 2015

Large canvases.    Wow!   It's a learning experience from the get-go.......  I've done only a few larger works over the years.......but it's like starting all over again.   I knew this "Big Show" at the Springfield-Branson National Airport, (Missouri) was coming up, so when I found a good deal on some larger canvases I figured it was meant to be................
It's kind of a gamble to paint large, like this, as most of my small galleries don't have room for "BIG".    But the Sky Gallery at the airport is such a great venue to display art, I'm always excited at the chance to hang my paintings there.    I changed my mind on the subject to paint 4 times, then remembered I had this great reference of granddaughter, Taylor Ann, at the Stockton Lake swim beach.    
The decor at the airport is water and this fits in perfectly.    My first version was too stiff legged, so I had to redo her stance.   The new version is more correct.   I'll put on a few more highlights and water splashes and call this done.   Check out the two versions. 

"Summertime", 36"x48", Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

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