Monday, August 17, 2015

I had a good day last Thursday.   A long day, but productive one.     I started out painting at Ritter Springs Park, on North side of Springfield, with the Springfield Plein Air group.    It was a little steamy and 7/10th of a mile trek to the small lake.    My art gear got a little heavy, even if it was on wheels.......ha.    Then afterwards I drove down to the South edge of Missouri to Roaring River State Park to meet up with Cheryl Coen who was camping there.   We enjoyed the park a while before picking spots to paint.    I got a good start on one and touched it up a little more at home.    The first one was a I didn't want to fool around with it.......and botch it    Roaring River Park was looking pretty good after some bad flooding this summer.    The crews had done a fantastic job getting it all cleaned up.    They said lots of the huge brood trout and got washed into the river.    So wasn't that great for a few lucky fishermen...... Here are the two studies from that day.    I'll post the finished versions on my website in a few days.....

"Steamy Morning", Ritter Springs Park, 8"x 10", Oil

"Roaring River", 8"x 10", Oil

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