Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Whew!!  Just hauled 5 of my larger paintings to the Midtown Carnegie Library in Springfield, MO, for the "Mantels of Midtown" show which runs thru February 28th, 2016.    Like a dummy I left my emergency blinkers on while I unloaded and helped install my paintings.........probably an hour.    Well, long enough to run my battery completely down.......    Thankfully Eva Pelkey, Manager, was an angel and had some jumper cables to recharge my car.     Then a library client fell into a seizure in the parking lot.    So after much ado the ambulance left and a nice guy helped us "helpless females jump my car"........I was finally back on the road.   So much for a relaxing day............Here's a photo of the front of this beautiful historic building, and the 5 paintings.

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