Monday, January 18, 2016

The 30 day painting challenge is going pretty good.......I've just missed a couple days....Sat. night I was honored to represent one of my painting groups "Springfield Plein Air Painters", by painting on stage with the Springfield, MO Symphony.    The event was for the "Music to my Eye's", themed show which will be in March at the Machino's place of business.   Thanks to the owner, Nancy Dornan, for sponsoring this event.  There were 6 of us painting on stage representing 6 area Art Groups.    About 50 other artists were able to come and sketch, paint, and photograph the musicians during two rehearsals.    So hopefully we will see some fascinating  artwork in the near future as a result.  

Here I am on stage having a blast!   I'm just getting started on my painting.   Of course wearing one of my "Super Painting Hat's".  .....LOL      Check in later to see the finished painting, and hopefully a few others......

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